Whats all this about?

We are Glad You Asked

In 2016, a digital frenzy appeared on the global scene. The world of Augmented Reality hit our streets with the release of the Pokemon Go app. Millions of Go enthusiasts made headlines as they roamed the city and suburban streets frantically hunting and searching for Pokemon’s in their geographic location.

Pokemon’s release in 2016 saw Nintendo shares rise sharply as the take up Pokemon hunters spread globally like wildfire. Today, Augmented Reality (AR) has grown further and progressed into fields such as Medicine, Education, Virtual real estate, Virtual art, and even car racing against your favorite racing driver on a virtual race track powered by AR, just to name a few. This will continue to grow into the future. Augmented Reality (AR) is also changing the retail landscape and transforming e-commerceeverywhere. How so?

Secret #1

Australia 2021 – A secret and closely guarded e-commerce Augmented Reality (AR) development is set to launch. This AR business nugget will enable people and businesses everywhere, to attract more customers by offering geographical collectible coupons, discounts or rewards through an Augmented Reality (AR) app called ZuKaz. Advertising and traditional marketing agencies are gonna hate this. Why? Because Merchants pay AFTER a sale is made and not before! This is huge!!

Secret #2

In an exclusive deal for Network Marketing, HOPE4ALL has partnered with Zukaz, making the Zukaz offering available to HOPE4ALL independent promoters. This means that through this exclusive partnership, promoters can earn by building a team of Promoters and Merchants for HOPE4ALL. Zukaz is an Australian development, scaled for global release from September 2021.


HOPE4ALL is a community of socially and environmentally aware members and promoters, that recognize we all face two major challenges today:
1) The pollution of Our “Global Home – Our Planet“ Our environment is under attack and we need to change the way we consume our planets resources! We are polluting our planet at record levels. Toxic chemicals are being used in everyday products at alarming levels. Today we can choose to make a difference by shifting to Greener alternatives!

2) The everyday financial struggles of so many people across the world. We understand that many families are struggling financially; and yet we are all to a lesser or greater degree concerned about the environment. However, in many instances making greener choices comes at greater cost. Just Imagine being able to make Greener choices that save your families budget? Just imagine if these choices could also improve your financial situation.


Welcome to HOPE4ALL. A community that is committed to promoting Green Consumer products, Greener concepts, and Greener choices that reduce our planetary impact. HOPE4ALL has adapted the Crowd Funding and Pay it Forward concepts into an exciting and more powerful concept that won’t break a family’s budget. Our rewards mechanisms are simple and very rewarding. Of course, effort is required, but as you will see further on, our offer to Promoters is very achievable.


HOPE4ALL is a community that that thrives on people helping people. By growing your community, you help in growing your community rewards. It all STARTS with you; and together we can help achieve your goals. Remember that as a T-E-A-M, Together Everyone Achieves More!! HOPE4ALL is an Australian company that has partnered with Zukaz and Zucoins as the exclusive global partner for Network Marketing. HOPE4ALL will roll out their affiliate rewards program, in line with and associated with, our partners launch of both Zukaz and Zucoins beginning July 2021.


HOPE4ALL originally started as a consumer platform that brings GREEN products to consumers through Network Marketing. HOPE4ALL is about Helping Our Planet Earth, andHelping Other People Everywhere. This philosophy hasn’t changed and is still the core ethos behind HOPE4ALL’s humble beginnings. HOPE4ALL will continue providing and introducing revolutionary GREEN products, in the retail and Wholesale Shopping Mall, to its community members as we execute our expansion into the United States, Europe, and globally with our Promoters and new management partners. As you’ll see further down in Product Roll-out, our focus is choosing products and partners that align with HOPE4ALL’s GREEN Philosophy. This is the exact reason why we cant wait to introduce you to our GREEN Digital Currency partner….Zucoin!


If you’re looking for that golden opportunity to get involved with the industry’s lowest-cost entry program, then you owe it to yourself to check this out further by getting back to the person who recommended you take a look at this site. Signing up as a promoter is Independent and rewards are subject to activity-based performance as set out in the HOPE4ALL rewards plan. You need a referral partner to get started (the person who recommended you take a look at this site)….Results may and will vary. Now, hold onto your toupee as we check out these amazing product developments with HOPE4ALL.

Product Role-Outs By Date

ZuCoins – from July 2021
Made in Australia.
Zucoins are next generation Bitcoins solving the ‘Cryptocurrency Trilemma’ of Speed, Security and Scalability by using data fragmentation to achieve instant peer-to-peer consensus and validation through an autonomous framework based on the P2P Distributed Power of Trust. The total number of Zucoins generated on the genesis block is 100 million.



Zucoins is an easy to use, peer-to-peer, no fee, cryptocurrency platform that requires no mining. Funny enough, this sounds like the perfect cryptocurrency for Elon Musk. Zucoins is the digital currency and wallet created for the online and offline business world and is an easy to use, instant (we do mean instant) secure digital currency wallet platform. Thereis no great “Save the World” story to Zucoins creation; rather a truly simple system that enables people to be able to transact in real time using ingeniously easier methods toinstantly transact locally or globally. HOPE4ALL is a Zucoins retail partner and Zucoins form part of the rewards platform for Promoters. Zucoins require no mining! Zucoins transact instantly, therefore consuming the least possible energy transacting between A to B. HOPE4ALL is proud to be partnered with a truly Green crypto that can Help Our Planet Earth and Help Other People Everywhere.


What’s in it for Merchants?

Firstly its FREE to be a Merchant. Merchants can create campaigns that offer benefits to redeemers and drop vouchers into a geographic location. That could be in the form of a
discount or a bonus…the possibilities are endless.
The biggest benefit to merchants is only having to pay a cost for Vouchers once they are redeemed.. This means if the merchant makes a sale through Zukaz, they only pay for that extra business once the customer has redeemed their voucher.
Its a No Win No Fee scenario for the merchant. How easy is this for our Promoters to sell this to potential Merchant?


What’s in it for Customers?

Its FREE to download the Zukaz app and start hunting. Here are some of the key benefits:

1. Redeem Vouchers to collect your discount or bonus
2. Your Voucher can be sold if you don’t need it any more after you captured it in a hunt
(TBD) 3. Sold vouchers are paid to you in Zucoins direct to your wallet (TBD) HOPE4A LL is a Home Based Business Opportunity that is the Network Marketing partner to the Zukaz business model. You can work from home and talk to local business about signing up as a Zukaz Merchant.


Whats in it for you?

HOPE4ALL Promoters are an integral part of building the Merchant and the Redeemer
community. Promoters will be rewarded for bringing in Merchants and earn ongoing rewards
from the activity of the referred Merchants

Merchants can choose to also WHITE LABEL the ZUKAZ product if they wish. This offering
is in the XRII product offering which will be outlined in further detail later this year

The HOPE4ALL Shopping Mall

Part of the HOPE4ALL additions for Promoters is the HOPE4ALL SHOPPING MALL. This is an exciting development and an additional income source for our Promoters. HOPE4ALL will continue to provide the HOPE4ALL SHOPPING MALL with access to the worlds most unique health and wellness products bundled with totally GREEN products that Help Our Planet Earth. Promoters will be able to place products from their own retail business into the HOPE4ALL SHOPPING MALL which will accessible buy all affiliates globally.Here is a quick snap shot of the HOPE4ALL SHOPPING MALL offering and promoter rewards:

 Initially the HOPE4ALL SHOPPING MALL will house HOPE4ALL Product Lines.

 Merchants signed up by HOPE4ALL Promoters will also be invited to consider adding
products into the HOPE4ALL Shopping Mall for retail sales to HOPE4ALL Promoters.
These products will distribute the mark up on these products into the HOPE4ALL
Commission plan.

 Promoters may also have a traditional business and will be able to offer their product
lines into the HOPE4ALL Shopping Mall. Commissions will distributed according the
HOPE4ALL Rewards plan.
For example:
Lets say you have your own product that has a $10.00 wholesale cost and a RRP of $25.00.
Your min margin is $5.00 (what you would like to profit from when sold), therefore providing a
$10,00 profit for the HOPE4ALL ecosystem. $10.00 margin would be paid out as per the UNILEVEL payment plan.



We’re glad we have your attention, because if you’ve made it this far; you’re at the SHOW ME THE MONEY stage of the read. You can get started today for $US36.00 and build a team of affiliates and merchants that can reward you very nicely.
So here’s the deal!
Sign Up Fee: There is a ONE-TIME $US36.00 sign up fee, and NO RENEWAL fees..
This now gets you a SEED platform in the system and you can begin sponsoring others into the program. Your only required qualification now is to find two (2) other personally.

sponsored and SEED qualified Promoters and you are earnings qualified in the HOPE4ALL program. As you complete each cycle you progress to the next. So you start as a SEED, and progress through to SPROUT etc. Each PLATFORM has its own cost, however we have cleverly designed this program to enable the costs to be deducted from your commissions, enabling you to progress to the next Platform. Once cycled into the next Platform, you have now moved up from the previous Platform. If you wish to also re-cycle into the previous platform you can do so at your own cost. See table below about Platform fees.

There are 2 revenue streams for Promoters:
1. 2 x5 Forced Matrix:                           Required
1. 10 Tier Uni-level Plan:                       Voluntary Participation
The minimum participation required to be a HOPE4ALL member is to be a PAID UP SEED Promoter in the Forced Matrix. Participation is voluntary in the UNI-LEVEL plan and can always be acted on at a later time. Currently the UNI-LEVEL option is not available till approxSeptember 2021.

Please note when you sign up you will automatically be given a position in the Forced Matrix and a position in the UNI-LEVEL.
FORCED MATRIX – 2 x 5 PLAN The forced matrix is a 2 x 5 plan with a left to right placement. Maximum of 62 spots to be filled by either you, your Promoter sponsor or from further sign ups occurring from your personally sponsored team members.

The kicker to all this is the ONE-TIME, out of pocket fee of $US36.00 To qualify for Platform payments you need to be Platform paid and have two qualified directlysponsored Promoters in your Platform category. For example, when Zukaz is released into the HOPE eco-system a Promoters requirements for SEED payments may be 2 personally sponsored Promoters and to have signed up two merchants for Zukaz.